Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's Give Our Friends at Med Ad News a Proper Send-off

I was shocked and sad to learn that industry publication Med Ad News will no longer exist. The publisher recently sent this email to customers:

December 13, 2013

RE: Closure of MedAdNews/Pharmalive/Pharmalot/eKnowledgeBase/R&D

Dear Valued Customer,
I am writing to inform you that we have taken the decision to cease producing the MedAdNews/Pharmalive/Pharmalot/eKnowledgeBase and R&D Directions brands. This is effective 12/31/13.
We want to express our deep gratitude for your business and support that has played such an important part over the last thirty years.

I am sure you will also join us in thanking the team that has diligently produced the brands. We wish them well in the future.
All products including the December issue of MedAdNews and all digital newsletters will be produced and distributed as normal until 12/31/13. They will be billed as normal. You will not be billed for any commitments you have made beyond 12/31/13.

Until 12/31/13, please contact us as normal. From 1/1/14 onwards, please contact Efrain Garcia with any billing questions. We wish you every success in the future.


Stephen Corrick

So Med Ad News is closing its doors for good. The publication that, for 31 years, has provided balanced, ethical, professional reporting on the pharmaceutical industry. The publication that gave us PharmaLot and PharmaLive. That challenged industry practices by asking tough questions. That provided valuable insights into pharma business and marketing strategies. And also paused to celebrate industry successes with the annual Manny Awards.

Perhaps it's yet another sign of the times of the changing publishing industry. Perhaps it's a big mistake by UBM Canon. Whatever the reason, Med Ad News and the people behind it will be sorely missed. These are smart, talented people. They know the pharma industry better than many of us.

They will all land somewhere solid, possibly better off than they were before.

But it didn’t seem right to just let them fade quietly into the sunset. So I wanted to offer up a forum for giving our friends a proper send-off. Using the comments section below, won’t you join me in wishing them well?

It’s the least we could do for a team that gave us so much for so many years.


Anonymous said...

Sad to see my friends at MAN disperse. April will not be the same without the MANNY's. Stay in touch, guys!
-Jay Carter
(Nice job, Wendy!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm stunned and saddened. I came in to the pharma space as a young 23-year-old and my boss gave me a copy of MedAdNews and said "start reading." For the next 11.5 years I was a faithful reader. Being out of that industry now, I'm out of the loop...so, thanks for sharing Wendy.

To the MedAdNews staffers...thank you for your work! I always looked forward to the stories, interviews and going-ons that you reported on. Best of luck to you all!

Brian Arbuckle
Former AAFP staffer

Rich Meyer said...

MedAd News has always featured timely articles and great insightful information and they will be missed. There is a real need for objective trade publications at a time of so much change within healthcare. You all will land on your heads and we will miss you

Anonymous said...

Med Ad News was an industry standard in an industry that's lost a lot of its standards lately. We'll miss its guidance and information!

Patty Spinner said...

As a former Med Ad News and Pharmalive staffer I can testify to the fact that this is a first rate team. I've never worked with a more talented and intelligent group of professionals. I wish them all well on their next chapters. I think the industry is losing something important.

Anonymous said...

It's truly sad and hard to accept. Great publication with great people. I wish them nothing but the best.
Faruk Capan

Anonymous said...

So sad. I'm really speechless. I work as consultant in Marketing and Training. Last year it was terrible to get the news that Pharmceutical Representative, a one of kind magazine dedicated to Pharma Training, ceased publication and, now … this. The web and social media can be amazing, but, still, it's hard to find high quality specialized articles like these in any other acknowledged source with frequency. What comes next, the end of MM&M???? Hope not … :( Well, as a Brazilian marketer that have read Med Ad News through out the years, as well as Pharma Live, etc., I would like to thank the team for the job well done, and tell them that they'll certainly be missed by me and many others. At least, for sure, they left their mark on me and I'm so thankful for that.

Betsy Lane said...

Very sad news indeed. MedAdNews has always had a unique voice in our industry and will be missed. Wishing everyone at MedAdNews success as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.

Brad Einarsen said...

What!?! I come back from vacation to this? MedAdNews is often featured in the Klick Wire and will be missed.

All the best to the MedAdNews team, and thanks for the alert, Wendy.

Outcomes LLC said...

Thank you Wendy, the Intouch Solutions team and all our friends and supporters in the industry. It came as both a surprise and disappointment to the staff that UBM made what I'm sure was a difficult business decision.

I'm thrilled to report that after some restructuring, our two week hiatus will come to a close and Outcomes LLC will produce our key Med Ad News products, including our Annual Healthcare Communications Agency edition and our 25th Annual Med Ad News Manny Awards, in addition to our Top 50 Pharma issue and more robust content marketing solutions!

More announcements to come shortly, but we couldn't continue to serve our audience and partners without the tremendous support from our pharmaceutical marketing community.


Daniel Becker
Brand Director
Med Ad News
973 507-6701

Wendy Blackburn said...

Outstanding news, Dan! We're so excited to hear this. The industry needs you. Welcome back!

All: For more information on the return of Med Ad News, see their press release here: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/Med-Ad-News-and-25th-Annual-Manny-Awards-Return-1869488.htm

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